Rectory & Parish Office – 270-726-6963
Parish Fax – 270-726-2232
Parish Center – 270-726-8881
Email – email@sacredheartrussellville.org
Web – www.sacredheartrussellville.org
Office Hours – Tuesday & Thursday 9:30am-3:30pm
Pastor – Rev Ken Mikulcik
Admin. Assistant – Vonnie Thomason 615-495-5272
 You may contact me directly   vonniethomason@bellsouth.net
Catholic Christian Formation
Mandy Henley – 270-847-6151
Society of St. Vincent de Paul
Mackdell Long – 270-743-7977
Knights of Columbus
David Scott – 270-725-0222

Please Pray For…
John Bedard
Loretta Boeck
Patricia Broussard, Morgantown Care & Rehab
Scott Broussard, Springview-Leitchfield
Pat Bucher
Sandy Conroy
Ronald Cordy
Jim & Ruth Dauley
Melissa Egan
Jean Fransen, Massey Springs BG
Trevor Hesson
John Higgins
Dean Latham
Gary Mason
Inas Nash
Delmar Norris
Eugene Page
Kathy Rosser
Lauren Riley Stafford
Mary Taylor
Wanda Zachary
Please inform Fr. Ken or the office to add or remove anyone on our prayer list.

Please also let us know about hospital admissions so Fr may visit, if requested